Awarded Tenders

Tender No.SubjectUnit NameDate of PublicationMode of Tender EnquiryAward DateAward Upload DatePerforma
GEM/2022/B/2420166Procurement of Various Types of Shrink FilmsIndia Security Press, NashikAug 26,2022NCB 2 bid, GEMJan 25, 2023Jan 27,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2598681Automatic Offline Strapping MachineIndia Security Press, NashikOct 01,2022NCB 2 bid, GEMJan 25, 2023Jan 27,2023View
6000017962/SY-15-13(23)/2022Hiring of Services for Repair of Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD)India Security Press, NashikDec 10,2022PAC, Single bidJan 10, 2023Jan 27,2023View
6000017963/SY-15-13(24)/2022Purchase of Safety Door RelayIndia Security Press, NashikDec 10,2022PAC, Single bidJan 16, 2023Jan 27,2023View
6000017862/SY-15-13(19)/2022Spares for Machines in E-ULP Passport Manufacturing SystemIndia Security Press, NashikOct 22,2022PAC, Single bidJan 06, 2023Jan 27,2023View
6000017968/SY-15-13(26)/2022Purchase of Markem Imaje Make Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label PrintingIndia Security Press, NashikDec 13,2022PAC, Single bidJan 06, 2023Jan 27,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2537300Procurement of Laser Scan MirrorIndia Security Press, NashikSep 21,2022NCB 2 bid, GEMJan 25,2023Jan 27,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2582983 Dated: 01-10-2022
India Security Press, NashikOct 01, 2022
GeM bid

Jan 04, 2023
Jan 05, 2023View
6000017884/SY-15-13(21)/2022Hiring of Consultancy for ISP Nashik for obtaining NABL Accreditation for the paper Testing Laboratory in Accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017India Security Press, NashikSingle bid
Jan 04, 2023
Jan 05, 2023View
GEM/2022/B/2741940 dated 18.11.2022Procurement of BearingsIndia Security Press, NashikNov 18, 2022GEMJan 05, 2023Jan 05, 2023View
GEM/2022/B/2728148 dated 24.11.2022Procurement of NAS Device 8TBIndia Security Press, Nashik
Nov 23, 2022
GEMJan 05, 2023Jan 05, 2023View
6000017906/PAC/SY-15-23(04)/2022 dated 12.11.2022Procurement of Synthetic Oil for AC PlantIndia Security Press, Nashik
Nov 12, 2022
PACJan 05, 2023Jan 05, 2023View
GEM/2022/B/2709213 Dated: 09-11-2022Procurement of Cow MilkIndia Security Press, NashikNov 09, 2022openDec 28, 2022Jan 03, 2023View
GEM/2022/B/2442050 Dated 22-08-2022Procurement of Ashoka Pillar and CTS-India Watermark Sensitized MICR Cheque Paper in Reel Width of 50 CMS, 95 GSM Qty-150 MTIndia Security Press, NashikAug 23, 2022GEM
Dec 13, 2022

Dec 31, 2022
Civil works for installation of new simultan machine at new P.G. section, ISP, nashikroadIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basisNov 16, 2022
Dec 31, 2022
CPWD/WS/C/959Reconstruction of Collapsed compound wall and repairs to holes made in compound wall at ERL, Gorewadi Estate, ISPIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basis
Nov 09, 2022

Dec 31, 2022
CPWD/WS/C/916Civil Works for garden in open space-in-between old wing and CSD platform, ISP, Nashik RoadIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basis
Nov 09, 2022

Dec 31, 2022
CPWD/WS/C/964Construction of Storm water drain on nomination basis through CPWD civil works.
India Security Press, Nashik
NominationDec 16, 2022
Dec 31, 2022
GEM/2022/B/2372227 Dated: 04-08-2022Procurement of Spares for 700 TR AC Plant
India Security Press, Nashik

Aug 04, 2022

Dec 05, 2022

Dec 31, 2022
6000017861/SY-15-13(18)/2022Mechanical Spares for Kalfass Unit of GTS Countpack Machine
India Security Press, Nashik
Oct 22, 2022PACDec 29, 2022
Dec 30, 2022
GEM/2022/B/2598191 Dated: 14-10-2022Procurement of ROHM Print Head
India Security Press, Nashik

Oct 14, 2022

Dec 16, 2022
Dec 30, 2022
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2476094 Dated: 12-09-2022Procurement of Gunny Bales
India Security Press, Nashik
Sep 12, 2022GeM open bid
Dec 28, 2022

Dec 29, 2022
GEM/2022/B/2439421 dated 26.08.2022Procurement of Cotton Fabric Based Passport Cover Material (Buckram) in size of 580 X 545 mm; Quantity 1000000 sheets
India Security Press, Nashik
Aug 26, 2022GEM
Dec 26, 2022

Dec 29, 2022
6000017837/37/CorpR&D/ISP/PAC/3/2022 dated 09/11/2022Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of laboratory equipment Printability tester with Temperature controlled inking unit on on-site basis at Corporat
India Security Press, Nashik
Nov 10, 2022

Dec 26, 2022

Dec 28, 2022
6000017836/38/Corp.R&D/ISP/PAC/4/2022 dated 09/11/2022Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of laboratory equipment Printing Ink Tack Measuring Instrument on on-site basis at Corporate R&D Centre for thre
India Security Press, Nashik
Nov 10, 2022

Dec 26, 2022

Dec 28, 2022
6000017835/39/CorpR&D/ISP/PAC/5/2022 dated 09/11/2022Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of laboratory equipment Drying time tester on on-site basis at Corporate R&D Centre for three (03) years
India Security Press, Nashik
Nov 25, 2022

Dec 26, 2022

Dec 28, 2022
GEM/2022/B/2383880 Dated: 29-07-2022Hiring of services for installation of ACIndia Security Press, NashikJul 29, 2022GEMDec 14, 2022Dec 16, 2022View
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2264734 Dated: 28-06-2022Procurement of Corrugated Box-P-2 size 510 MM X 310 MM X 260 MM (Q3)India Security Press, NashikJun 28, 2022Open GeM BidDec 12, 2022Dec 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2534238 Dated: 17-09-2022Corrugated Boxes Type- XF in the size of 530 MM (L) X 400 MM (W) X 300 MM (HIndia Security Press, NashikSep 17, 2022Open GEM bidDec 12, 2022Dec 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2373537 Dated: 03-08-2022RSC TYPE CORRUGATED FIBRE BOARD BOXES (PP-1, PP-2, PP-3)India Security Press, NashikAug 03, 2022Open GeM BidDec 12, 2022Dec 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2611862 Dated: 10-10-2022Transparent Cellotape (Self Adhesive)India Security Press, NashikOct 10, 2022Open GEM bidDec 12, 2022Dec 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2367563 Dated: 03-08-2022BIAXIALLY ORIENTED POLYPROPYLENE (BOPP) TAPEIndia Security Press, NashikAug 03, 2022 Dec 12, 2022Dec 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2512475 Dated: 14-09-2022Procurement of Cotton Hosiery Cutting Rags 30 X 40 cmsIndia Security Press, NashikSep 14, 2022GEMNov 22, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2329523 Dated: 03-08-2022Corrugated Boxes in the Size of 430 MM (L) X 310 MM (W) X 310 MM (H)India Security Press, NashikAug 03, 2022Open TenderNov 30, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2484022 Dated: 08-09-2022Procurement of Gold plated deflection mirrorIndia Security Press, NashikSep 08, 2022OpenNov 28, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
6000017604/21/DS10/CN/288/22 Dated 01.07.2022PROCUREMENT OF CONSUMABLES FOR XEROX NUVERA 288 NON MICR PRINTER (SHEET-FED).India Security Press, NashikJul 01, 2022OpenNov 26, 2022Nov 29, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2490334 Dated 01/09/2022Procurement Of Maplitho Paper (Light Yellow Colour)India Security Press, NashikNov 01, 2022GEM (Open)Nov 10, 2022Nov 28, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2447701 dated 05.09.2022SITC of Aluminum Pipe line for compressed air from centralized compressor roomIndia Security Press, NashikSep 05, 2022GEMNov 23, 2022Nov 23, 2022View
6000017753/sy-15-13(12)/2022Purchase of 2000 Kg of Synthetic Adhesive (Permanent Type) Through Development TenderIndia Security Press, NashikSep 08, 2022NCB DevelopmentNov 18, 2022Nov 23, 2022View
6000017772/PAC/DS10/CAMC/OCE7300/22 DATED 03.09.2022CAMC OF OCE 7300 FOR ONE YEAR ON PAC BASISIndia Security Press, NashikSep 03, 2022PACNov 11, 2022Nov 18, 2022View
6000017823/36/PAC/DS10/Spares7300/22Procurement of Spares parts for OCE 7300 Continuous Stationery MICR Printer.India Security Press, NashikOct 07, 2022PACNov 14, 2022Nov 18, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2313948 Dated: 07-07-2022corrugated Boxes in the size of 470 MM (L) X 270 MM (w) X 210 MM (H)India Security Press, NashikJul 07, 2022Open TenderNov 12, 2022Nov 17, 2022View
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2521445 Dated: 10-09-2022Procurement of Grocery MaterialIndia Security Press, NashikSep 09, 2022GEMNov 10, 2022Nov 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2398116 Dated: 29-08-2022Sago (Sabudana)India Security Press, NashikAug 29, 2022GEMDec 07, 2022Nov 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2452132 Dated: 01-09-2022Digital Photo Polymer Nylo Plate for CTOP Water Washable PlantIndia Security Press, NashikSep 01, 2022Open TenderNov 12, 2022Nov 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2502049 dated 15.09.2022Procurement of Blower for machineIndia Security Press, NashikSep 15, 2022GEMNov 14, 2022Nov 15, 2022View
6000017798/SY-15-13(14)/2022Purchase of Gold Plated Deflection Mirror for X, Y Axis and Lens for Z Axis and Yellow Filter Glass for Automatic Laser Micro Perforation MachineIndia Security Press, NashikSep 22, 2022PACNov 10, 2022Nov 11, 2022View
6000017805/SY-15-13(15)/2022Purchase of Scan Head RSG P12″ Assembled with Flat Field Lens with Holder: 01 NoIndia Security Press, NashikSep 22, 2022PACOct 29, 2022Nov 10, 2022View
4580001577Hiring of Advocate General for appearance in W.P. No. 6353 of 2008 : SPMCIL V/s P.P.Borade regarding compassionate appointmentIndia Security Press, Nashik Nov 08, 2022Nov 10, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2346157 Dated 03-08-2022Procurement of Maplitho Paper with Hot Melt Adhesive (Pressure Sensitive) Coated and Backed with Silicone Coated Glassine Release Paper in ReelIndia Security Press, NashikAug 03, 2022GEM (Open)Oct 27, 2022Nov 07, 2022View
6000017715/SY-15-13(10)/2022Electronic Spare Parts for ESA System of ACE Make used in 3 colour Photo Gravure Printing Machine of Magtech MachineIndia Security Press, NashikAug 05, 2022PACNov 02, 2022Nov 07, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2338705 dated 20.07.2022Procurement of Industrial FastenersIndia Security Press, NashikJul 20, 2022GEMNov 01, 2022Nov 05, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2476853 dated 05-09-2022Repairing of Battery Operated Platform and Pallet TrucksIndia Security Press, NashikSep 05, 2022GEMNov 04, 2022Nov 05, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2283877 dated 01.07.2022Customized AMC/CMC for Pre-owned Products – Domestic and Heavy Duty Water Purifiers RO UV; –; Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC); Quarterly; No; 1 YeaIndia Security Press, NashikJul 01, 2022GEMOct 31, 2022Nov 05, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2296349Procurement of Almirah and revolving chairsIndia Security Press, NashikJul 23, 2022OpenOct 10, 2022Oct 31, 2022View
ISP/Pur/Amb/RTO/22RTO registration, Insurance and Other incidental charges etc.India Security Press, NashikNominationOct 04, 2022Oct 31, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2274719 Dated: 28-06-2022Procurement of PLC and Input/Output ModulesIndia Security Press, NashikJun 28, 2022GeMOct 11, 2022Oct 21, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2460170 Dated: 23-08-2022Procurement of Laser Power & Energy Measurement Instrument & Position Sensing Water cooled ThermopileIndia Security Press, NashikAug 23, 2022GeMOct 01, 2022Oct 21, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2060672, Dated: 09.04.2022Refurbishment of 04 nos. of 33KV, 1250A SF6 Circuit BreakerIndia Security Press, NashikApr 09, 2022GeMOct 11, 2022Oct 21, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2441799 Dated: 26-08-2022Polypropylene Film Band RollIndia Security Press, NashikAug 26, 2022 Oct 19, 2022Oct 19, 2022View
6000017485/03 /PR-CO/2022, Dated: 04.05.2022PROCUREMENT OF PAPER REEL CORES (LENGTH OF CORE 80 MM, INNER DIAMETER 76 MM, OUTER DIAMETER 86 MM AND THICKNESS OF CORE 05 MM)(Express Tender)India Security Press, NashikMay 06, 2022OpenOct 04, 2022Oct 13, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2261151 dated 05.07.2022Procurement of spares for Computer and PrinterIndia Security Press, NashikJul 05, 2022GEMOct 07, 2022Oct 07, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2311191Cleaning of water tanksIndia Security Press, NashikJul 18, 2022GeMSep 22, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1994138, Dated: 22.03.2022Procurement of Furniture and Carpentry itemsIndia Security Press, NashikMar 22, 2022GeMSep 22, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2101005 Dated: 19-04-2022CAMC for 2×40 KVA UPSIndia Security Press, NashikApr 19, 2022GeMSep 22, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2268147 Dated: 27-06-2022Painting of 11 nos. Quarters in ISP and Nehru Nagar EstateIndia Security Press, NashikJun 27, 2022GeMSep 03, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
6000017755/28/PAC/DS-10/CONSXN144/2/22, Dated: 25.08.2022PROCUREMENT OF CONSUMABLES OF XEROX NUVERA 144 MICR PRINTER.India Security Press, NashikAug 29, 2022PACSep 22, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2411032 dated 12.08.2022Procurement of Cutting Knives for machineIndia Security Press, NashikAug 12, 2022GEMSep 29, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2416220 Dated: 11-08-2022Procurement of Oiled Tympan Manila PaperIndia Security Press, NashikAug 11, 2022GeMSep 13, 2022Sep 29, 2022View
6000015780/NCB/SY-15-23(114)/2022 dated 24.06.2022Hiring of agency for conducting typing skill testIndia Security Press, NashikJun 27, 2022OpenSep 27, 2022Sep 28, 2022View
6000017608/SY-15-13(08)/2022Purchase of Consumables for Use in Nyloprint Flowline DWT-90 (Flint Grip) Washer Unit of CTOP (Dry offset Nylo System)India Security Press, NashikJul 13, 2022PACSep 24, 2022Sep 27, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2213620 Dated 10.06.2022Ink Cartridges for 2D Barcoding (Q3) , Ink Cartridges for Numbering (Q3)India Security Press, NashikJun 11, 2022GEMSep 23, 2022Sep 27, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2350129 dated 18.07.2022Hiring of JCB on rate contract basisIndia Security Press, NashikJul 19, 2022GEMSep 22, 2022Sep 23, 2022View
6000017351/SY-15-13(05)/2022Purchase of Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label (Carbon Ribbon for Barcode Label Printing)India Security Press, NashikMar 24, 2022NCB Open TenderSep 19, 2022Sep 20, 2022View
6000017492/12/SY/16-1(TSTT)2022, Dated 25/05/2022Express Tender for Procurement of Two Sided Tissue Tape (Die-Cut)India Security Press, NashikMay 25, 2022Open TenderSep 17, 2022Sep 20, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2269693 dated 13.07.2022Procurement of Mechanical spares for Printing and allied machinesIndia Security Press, NashikJul 13, 2022GEMSep 15, 2022Sep 16, 2022View
6000017041/SY-15-13(18)/2021Purchase of Electrical Spares for Rapida MachineIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 07, 2022PACAug 14, 2022Sep 05, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2390255 dated 29.07.2022Modification in existing aluminum cabinsIndia Security Press, NashikJul 28, 2022GEMAug 25, 2022Aug 25, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2239058 Dated: 13-06-2022Corrugated Box in the size of 590 MM (L) X 490 MM (W) X 360 MM (H)India Security Press, NashikJun 13, 2022GeM BidSep 01, 2022Sep 02, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2134420 Dated: 11-05-2022Procurement of Register counter control unitIndia Security Press, NashikMay 11, 2022Open tenderAug 25, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
CPWD/WS/C/881Renovation of Staff and Workmen Lavatory Block at Ground Floor and First Floor of DSB, ISP, Nasik roadIndia Security Press, Nashik Aug 27, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
CPWD/WS/C/962Replacement of defective / damaged sewerline drain network of Type-A quartersIndia Security Press, Nashik Aug 24, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
CPWD/SY-13-30(32)/2022Lifting of False Ceiling including electrical work for Simultan machine at New PG section, ISP, Nasik Road, NasikIndia Security Press, Nashik Aug 18, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
6000017497/PAC/SY-13-30(13)/2022, Dated: 31.05.2022Repairing of Smart Line ModuleIndia Security Press, NashikJun 06, 2022PACAug 20, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
54/2016-17Procurement of 15 Millions of ICAO compliant electronic contactless Inlays along with its operating system for Indian PassportIndia Security Press, NashikJun 01, 2016Global TenderAug 06, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
09/2019 dated 10.04.2019Procurement of 7.5 Millions of ICAO Compliant Electronic Contactless Inlays along with its Operting System in 2 Ups required for Indian e-PassportsIndia Security Press, NashikApr 10, 2019LimitedAug 06, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
ISP/02/National FlagsProcurement of National FlagsIndia Security Press, NashikNominationAug 08, 2022Aug 29, 2022View
ISP/01/National FlagsProcurement of National FlagsIndia Security Press, NashikNominationAug 05, 2022Aug 29, 2022View
GeM Bid No.GEM/2022/B/2155529 Dated: 09-05-2022Pure Nylon Rubber BandIndia Security Press, NashikMay 09, 2022GeM BiddingAug 19, 2022Aug 29, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2261276 Dated: 14-06-2022Hiring of VehicleIndia Security Press, NashikJun 14, 2022OpenAug 01, 2022Aug 29, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2163287Refined Oil-IS 11069India Security Press, NashikMay 31, 2022Open TenderAug 01, 2022Aug 26, 2022View
6000017284/SY-15-13(03)/2022Purchase of Paper Filter Cabinet ElementIndia Security Press, NashikMar 26, 2022NCBAug 25, 2022Aug 26, 2022View
6000017031/NCB/SY-15-23(151)/2021 dated 02.02.2022Procurement of Helical cutter sleeves for perforation unit of magtech machinesIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 02, 2022OPENAug 04, 2022Aug 25, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2160395 dated 13-05-2022Procurement of Tools TrolleyIndia Security Press, NashikMay 13, 2022GeMAug 24, 2022Aug 25, 2022View
6000017339/NCB/SY-15-23(116)/2021 dated 29.04.2022Procurement of Computer system cum ServerIndia Security Press, NashikMay 02, 2022OpenAug 25, 2022Aug 25, 2022View
6000017286/PAC/SY-15-23(157)/2022 dated 24..03.2022Procurement of Mechanical spares for Rapida machineIndia Security Press, NashikMar 23, 2022PACAug 20, 2022Aug 20, 2022View
6000016972/79/SY-16-1(VSC)2021, DATED 04/12/2021PURCHASE OF AMC OF VSC 6000/HSIndia Security Press, NashikDec 04, 2021Open TenderAug 06, 2022Aug 20, 2022View
6000017578/PAC/SY-16-1(DFM)2022, Dated 25/07/2022CAMC OF PITNEY BOWES DIGITAL FRANKING MACHINE FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEARIndia Security Press, NashikJul 25, 2022PAC TenderAug 11, 2022Aug 16, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2141043 dated 29.04.2022Procurement of 5 KVA UPSIndia Security Press, NashikApr 29, 2022GEMAug 10, 2022Aug 10, 2022View
6000017157/NCB/SY-15-23(155)/2021 dated 24.02.2022Procurement of Boiler Suit/Protective ClothIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 24, 2022OpenAug 05, 2022Aug 10, 2022View
6000017196/113/SY-3-14(XF)2021-22, DATED 10.02.2022PROCUREMENT OF CORRUGATED BOXES IN THE SIZE OF 530MM (L) x 400 MM (W) X 300 MM (H)India Security Press, NashikFeb 11, 2022Open TenderAug 03, 2022Aug 05, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2288827 dated 27.06.2022Procurement of Pneumatic tubes and accessoriesIndia Security Press, NashikJun 27, 2022GEMAug 03, 2022Aug 04, 2022View
6000017660/PAC/SY-15-23(162)/2022 dated 16.07.2022procurement of Cartridge of RISO COMCOLOR BLACK FW 1230 PrinterIndia Security Press, NashikJul 16, 2022PACAug 03, 2022Aug 03, 2022View
SY-15-23(160)/2022 dated 04.07.2022Third party security audit of e Passport project of India Security PressIndia Security Press, NashikNominationJul 07, 2022Aug 01, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2167922 dated 28.05.2022Procurement of Upper Punching Die steel set of 5India Security Press, NashikMay 28, 2022GEMJul 19, 2022Aug 01, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2208521 Dated: 21-06-2022Waterproofing treatment over MS roof and roof AC sheets of ISP factoryIndia Security Press, NashikJun 21, 2022GeMJul 28, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
SY-15-23(110)/2020Hiring of services for conducting online examination of SupervisorIndia Security Press, NashikNominationJul 05, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
CPWD/ELECT/SY-13-30(12)/2022Electrical Renovation of School Building at Nehru Nagar Township, ISP, Nashik RoadIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basisJul 28, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
6000017498/PAC/SY-13-30(14)/2022, Dated: 23.05.2022Service for FANUC Controller of CNC polishing & grinding machineIndia Security Press, NashikMay 25, 2022PACJul 19, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2208985 dated 02.06.2022Cleaning of tree leaves silt and replacing broken tiles on labour charge basisIndia Security Press, NashikJun 02, 2022GeMJul 08, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2129765 Dated: 02-05-2022Rewinding of 15 HP mud pump motor and 40 HP motorIndia Security Press, NashikMay 02, 2022GeMJul 08, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1942138 Dated: 07-03-2022Procurement of CPVC & UPVC Pipes and its fittingsIndia Security Press, NashikApr 07, 2022GeMJul 13, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
6000017555/15/PR/ML125/2022, Dated 27/05/2022(EXPRESS TENDER) MAPLITHO PAPER WITH HOT MELT ADHESIVE (PRESSURE SENSITIVE) COATED & BACKED WITH SILICONE COATED GLASSINE RELEASE PAPERIndia Security Press, NashikMay 27, 2022OpenJul 07, 2022Jul 28, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1932200 dated 07.03.2022Procurement of Brown Kraft Paper in Size 56 X 100 cms, 120 GSM (Q3).Quantity 5000 KgIndia Security Press, NashikMar 07, 2022GeMJul 21, 2022Jul 27, 2022View
6000017282/SY-15-13(02)/2022 dated 24.02.2022Purchase of Inking Rubber Rollers for Auto Print Numbering MachineIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 24, 2022PACJul 18, 2022Jul 22, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2103114 Dated 28.04.2022Procurement of UmbrellaIndia Security Press, NashikApr 28, 2022GeMJul 12, 2022Jul 14, 2022View
6000016824/74/SM-5-16(45)/2014 dated 26.11.2021Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of One (01) Sheet Fed Programmable Laser Micro Perforation Machine.India Security Press, NashikJan 20, 2022Global TenderJul 04, 2022Jul 06, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2120138 dated 12.05.2022Procurement of Brass Round BarIndia Security Press, NashikMay 12, 2022GEMJun 28, 2022Jul 01, 2022View
CPWD/ELECT/SY-13-30(22)/2021Renovation of Panels of Bindery section and Feeder pillars ISP, Nasik Road, Nasik.India Security Press, NashikNomination basisJun 17, 2022Jun 30, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1549517 Dtd. 05.10.2021Procurement of General Electrical Materials through GeMIndia Security Press, NashikOct 05, 2021GemJun 17, 2022Jun 29, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1738512 Dated: 18.12.2021Annual Maintenance Service – EPABX SystemIndia Security Press, NashikDec 18, 2021GeM Open tenderJun 22, 2022Jun 29, 2022View
6000017120/SY-15-13(19)/2021Purchase of Spare parts for Sweing Heads of Brother Make Reverse and interlock stitching machineIndia Security Press, NashikMar 25, 2022PACJun 14, 2022Jun 29, 2022View
6000017503/08/PAC/DS-10/CONSXN144/22 DATED 14.05.2022Purchase of Consumables for Xerox Nuvera 144 MICR Printer on PAC basis.India Security Press, NashikMay 14, 2022PACJun 27, 2022Jun 28, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2065085 Dated: 29-03-2022Coloured Cover Paper as per IS 6956 (Q4) ( Yellow Colour Pulp Board Sheet)India Security Press, NashikMar 29, 2022GeMJun 03, 2022Jun 28, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2050322 DATED 01/04/2022Corrugated Boxes in the size of 470 MM X 240 MM X 285 MMIndia Security Press, NashikApr 01, 2022GeM BiddingJun 13, 2022Jun 15, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1748114Hiring of IT Manpower for Maintaining IT InfrastructureIndia Security Press, NashikDec 27, 2021GEMJun 10, 2022Jun 10, 2022View
6000017036/NCB/SY-15-23(152)/2021Procurement of Side channel blower for machineIndia Security Press, NashikJan 10, 2022OpenJun 10, 2022Jun 10, 2022View
6000017175/SY-15-13(01)/2022 dated 05.3.2022Calibration and maintenance of Paper Testing instruments on half yearly basis for the period of one yearIndia Security Press, NashikMar 05, 2022PACJun 01, 2022Jun 06, 2022View
6000016768/NCB/SY-13-30(16)/2020, Dated: 25.10.2021PROCUREMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC SPARESIndia Security Press, NashikOct 25, 2021 May 28, 2022May 31, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1850043 Dated: 10-02-2022Hiring of Services for AMC of Housekeeping ServicesIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 10, 2022 May 26, 2022May 28, 2022View
6000015725/NCB/SY-13-30(27)/2019, Dated: 13.12.2021PROVIDING AND FIXING OF CHAIN LINK FENCING FROM F-1 TO F-10 QUARTERS IN ISP ESTATEIndia Security Press, NashikDec 17, 2021NCB Open tenderApr 11, 2022May 24, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1664826, Dated: 11.11.2021Procurement of LED luminaireIndia Security Press, NashikNov 11, 2021GEMMay 10, 2022May 25, 2022View
6000017176/NCB/SY-13-30(04)/2022, Dated: 12.02.2022ARRESTING & STOPPING OF OIL LEAKAGES OF TRANSFORMERSIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 12, 2022NCB Open tenderMay 10, 2022May 24, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1927145 Dated: 21-02-2022Procurement of UV TubelightsIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 21, 2022GeM bidMay 02, 2022May 24, 2022View
CPWD/SY-13-30(23)/2021Laying and Termination of cable for security lights at ISP, NashikIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basis through CPWDMay 05, 2022May 24, 2022View
6000017396/SY-15-13(06)/2021Purchase of Profile Cutting Kisscut Plates (i) 29X5 Ups: 25 Nos. (ii) 33X5 Ups: 30 Nos.India Security Press, NashikMar 29, 2022NCBMay 21, 2022May 23, 2022View
6000017142/NCB/SY-15-23(154)/2021 dated 15.02.2022Non Comprehensive AMC for refilling of printer toner cartridgeIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 16, 2022OpenMay 19, 2022May 19, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1981745 Dated: 24-02-2022Procurement of Industrial Hand Cleaner and Skin Care Cream through GeM PortalIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 23, 2022OpenMay 07, 2022May 17, 2022View
6000016776/68/DS-10/CAMC/144, Dated:01.11.2021CAMC OF XEROX NUVERA 144 MICR PRINTER FOR ONE YEAR.India Security Press, NashikNov 01, 2021openMay 13, 2022May 17, 2022View
6000017002/088/DS10/PAC/OCE7300/21 dated 26.11.2021Procurement of Consumables for OCE-7300 Continuous Stationery MICR Printer on PAC Basis.India Security Press, NashikJan 01, 2022PACMay 13, 2022May 17, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1892462 Dated: 01-02-2022Procurement of Personnel Protective Equipments through GeM PortalIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 01, 2022GeMMay 04, 2022May 17, 2022View
6000016984/NCB/SY-13-30(16)/2021, Dated: 18.12.2021Dismantling Existing Mangalore Clay tiles Roof Structure and Supply & Fixing MS Roof Structure with Profile sheet at GOB-2/2 Garage, ISP Estate.India Security Press, NashikDec 22, 2021Open NCBApr 19, 2022Apr 27, 2022View
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1916564 Dated: 08-02-2022Procurement of Rubber Washer for Female Coupling Outlet Washer of Hydrant or Landing ValveIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 08, 2022Open Tender (Through GeM Portal)Apr 26, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1889466 Dated: 01-02-2022Alcohol Based Hand Rub/Hand Sanitizer (Q3)India Security Press, NashikFeb 01, 2022openMar 30, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
6000016761/72/DS10/MEDI/01/21, Dated: 22.11.2021: PROCUREMENT OF MEDICINES FOR ISP HOSPITALIndia Security Press, NashikDec 07, 2021OpenApr 08, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
129/HW/2022Disposal of Cotton Hosiery contaminated with Ink and Used Waste Toner through M/s Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd., PuneIndia Security Press, NashikNominationApr 30, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
6000016983/NCB/SY-13-30(15)/2021, Dated: 01.01.2022REPLACEMENT OF INDIAN TYPE SQUATTING PAN AT TYPE A CISF BACHELOR ACCOMMODATION QUARTERS, ISP NEHRU NAGAR ESTATEIndia Security Press, NashikJan 03, 2022Open NCBApr 19, 2022Apr 27, 2022View
6000017094/NCB/SY-13-30(20)/2021, Dated: 13.01.2022PAINTING, REPLACEMENT OF FLOORING AND OTHER ALLIED CIVIL REPAIR WORKS AT RECORD ROOM OF ACCOUNTS SECTION, ISP, NASHIK ROADIndia Security Press, NashikJan 13, 2022Open NCBMar 24, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
6000016956/PAC/SY-15-23(148)/2021 dated 25.11.2021Rebearing of Atlas Copco CompressorsIndia Security Press, NashikDec 04, 2021 Mar 30, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
6000016193/NCB/SY-15-23(129)/2021 dated 09.06.2021Procurement of Mechanical spare for stitching machineIndia Security Press, NashikJun 16, 2021OpenMar 25, 2022Mar 25, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1870397 dated 18.01.2022Procurement of Fuel Dispencing unitIndia Security Press, NashikJan 18, 2022GEMMar 24, 2022Mar 25, 2022View
6000016786/NCB/SY-15-23(144)/2021 dated 24.09.2021Procurement of Hydraulic cylinder for machineIndia Security Press, NashikSep 25, 2021OPenMar 23, 2022Mar 23, 2022View
6000016534/SY-15-13(09)/2021 dated 03.09.2021Purchase of Electrical/ Electronic SparesIndia Security Press, NashikSep 03, 2021NCBMar 05, 2022Mar 17, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1801345Procurement of Computer and PrinterIndia Security Press, NashikDec 27, 2021GEMMar 14, 2022Mar 15, 2022View
6000014661/NCB/SY-13-30(09)/2020, Dated: 04.10.2021PROVIDING & APPLYING ‘HEAT RESISTING EPOXY PAINT’ OVER THE ‘CHIMNEY STACK’ OF POWER HOUSEIndia Security Press, NashikOct 07, 2021NCB Open tenderFeb 18, 2022Mar 14, 2022View
6000017303/PAC/SY-15-23(159)/2022 dated 21.02.2022Procurement of Cartridge of RISO Comcolor black FW 1230 PrinterIndia Security Press, NashikFeb 26, 2022PACMar 09, 2022Mar 09, 2022View
6000016602/SY-15-13(11)/2021 dated 14.09.2021Purchase of Self Adhesive Rubber BlanketIndia Security Press, NashikSep 14, 2021OpenMar 07, 2022Mar 08, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1638825 dated 18.11.2021Hiring of Security Services for the period of one year for ISP EstateIndia Security Press, NashikNov 18, 2021GemMar 07, 2022Mar 07, 2022View
6000016674/NCB/SY-15-23(137)/2021 dated 04.10.2021Procurement of Lower Punching Die set (Brass) 3 PCS for machineIndia Security Press, NashikOct 05, 2021OpenFeb 26, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
6000017014/SY-3-14(TZJ)2021-22 DATED 01/12/2021EXPRESS TENDER FOR PROCUREMENT OF CORRUGATED BOXES IN THE SIZE 590 MM(L)X490MM(W)X360MM(H)India Security Press, NashikDec 02, 2021Open TenderDec 29, 2021Feb 24, 2022View
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1835190 Dated: 06-01-2022Procurement of Box Strapping Machine (Q3)India Security Press, NashikJan 06, 2022GeM TenderFeb 14, 2022Feb 24, 2022View
6000016981/SY-15-13(17)/2021 dated 14.12.2021Purchase of Impression Cylinder Assembly of 24Inch offset UnitIndia Security Press, NashikDec 14, 2021PACFeb 20, 2022Feb 23, 2022View
6000016691/SY-15-13(14)/2021 dated 17.09.2021Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 24″ Magnetic Cylinder for Kiss-Cut Unit on Rotatek MachineIndia Security Press, NashikSep 17, 2021PACFeb 18, 2022Feb 23, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1692248 dated 14.12.2021Embedded Linux Based Biometric Attendance SystemIndia Security Press, NashikDec 14, 2021GeMFeb 17, 2022Feb 22, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1829838 Dated: 11-01-2022Procurement of 6 nos. of Garbage Collecton Vehicle through GeM portalIndia Security Press, NashikJan 11, 2022GemFeb 11, 2022Feb 14, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1753155 dated 14.12.2021Procurement of TyreIndia Security Press, NashikDec 14, 2021GeMFeb 11, 2022Feb 14, 2022View
6000016717/NCB/SY-15-23(141)/2021 dated 30.08.2021Supply and Installation of Nitrile foam rubber insulation 25mm thick aluminium cladding sheet 24 Guage thick for the chilled water pipes of 700 TR ACIndia Security Press, NashikSep 03, 2021OpenFeb 11, 2022Feb 12, 2022View
6000016483/NCB/SY-13-30(12)/2021, Dated: 28.08.2021PROCUREMENT OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC SPARES FOR BARCODE PRINT CUM APPLICATOR MACHINEIndia Security Press, NashikAug 30, 2021Open NCBFeb 01, 2022Feb 12, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1864676 Dated: 19-01-2022Procurement of Yellow Colour Pulp Board Post Card SheetsIndia Security Press, NashikJan 19, 2022Open (GeM)Feb 04, 2022Feb 08, 2022View
6000017108/PAC/SY-15-23(153)/2021 dated 28.12.2021Servicing of four brother make stitching machinesIndia Security Press, NashikJan 13, 2022PACFeb 02, 2022Feb 03, 2022View
GeM/2021/B/1639944Procurement of Daily Use Cleaning material.India Security Press, NashikNov 16, 2021two bidJan 29, 2022Jan 31, 2022View
6000015494/PAC/SY-15-23(97)/2020 dated 30.11.2020PROCUREMENT OF SUCTION ROTOR ASSEMBLYIndia Security Press, NashikDec 01, 2020PACJan 29, 2022Jan 29, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1819734 dated 03.01.2022Procurement of Semi Electric Pallet StackerIndia Security Press, NashikJan 03, 2022GeM Open TenderJan 24, 2022Jan 29, 2022View
6000016300/27/DS10/CAMC/XN-288/21, Dated: 17.05.2021COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR XEROX NUVERA 288 NON MICR PRINTER FOR ONE YEARIndia Security Press, NashikJun 16, 2021OpenJan 22, 2022Jan 25, 2022View
6000016429/061/DS10/AMC/MED/21, Dated: 11.10.2021AMC of Bio-Chemistry Semi Autoanalyzer AGD-2020 & AMC of Fully Automatic Blood Cell counter PCE-210 (AGD Make) FOR ONE YEAR.India Security Press, NashikOct 13, 2021OpenJan 20, 2022Jan 24, 2022View
CPWD/WS/C-958Internal Painting of 138 Nos. Quarters at Nehru Nagar Estate & ISP Estate, Nashik RoadIndia Security Press, NashikNomination basisJan 21, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
CPWD/WS/C-955Civil repair works of CISF, CNP Bachelor Accommodation Unit Line Type-A, 84 Nos. of quarters at Nehru Nagar Estate, ISP, Nashik RoadIndia Security Press, NashikNomination BasisJan 21, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
CPWD/SY-13-30(13)/2021Renovation of Internal Electrical Installations of 84 Nos. Type-A quarters of Nehru Nagar Estate.India Security Press, NashikNomination BasisJan 17, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
CPWD/WS/C-909(I)Structural repairs and other civil works of Godavari Guest HouseIndia Security Press, Nashik Jan 13, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
6000015991/NCB/SY-13-30(37)/2019, Dated: 17.05.2021SITC OF MV PDB PANEL FOR DG SET SUPPLY COMPLETE WITH LAYING TERMINATION OF CABLES, RELATED CIVIL WORKS ETC.India Security Press, NashikMay 22, 2021Open tenderJan 03, 2022Jan 15, 2022View
SPMCIL/India Security Press Nashik/Purchase/9/21-22/ET/24[Annual Medical Examination]Hiring of Agency for Annual Medical Examination of all ISP EmployeesIndia Security Press, NashikOct 01, 2021E-tenderJan 10, 2022Jan 11, 2022View
6000015677/NCB/SY-15-23(111)/2020 dated 11.05.2021Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Effluent Treatment plant on turnkey basisIndia Security Press, NashikMay 12, 2021OpenJan 01, 2022Jan 05, 2022View
6000016719/NCB/SY-15-23(113)/2021 dated 13.09.2021Appointment of Advertising agencyIndia Security Press, NashikSep 14, 2021OpenJan 01, 2022Jan 05, 2022View
6000016747/SY-15-13(15)/2021 dated 01.10.2021Purchase of Electrical/ Electronic Spares for Folding MachineIndia Security Press, NashikOct 01, 2021PACJan 04, 2022Jan 05, 2022View
GEM Bid Number: GEM/2021/B/1450687 Dated 30.08.2021Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)FilmIndia Security Press, NashikAug 30, 2021GeM Open TenderDec 10, 2021Jan 03, 2022View