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Awarded Tenders

Tender NoSubjectUnit NameDate Of PublicationAward DateAward Upload DateMode of Tender Enquirymode_of_tender_enquiry_hfilter
6000018418/PAC/Sy-13-30(17004525)/2023SITC of Register Control System for Three Colour Photo Gravure Machine of New PG SectionIndia Security Press Nashik2023-08-072024-04-172024-04-18PACViewpac
6000018564/SY-13-30/PAC/2023Supply of RTC4 Laser Card for Final Finishing Machine of APMSIndia Security Press Nashik2023-11-252024-04-172024-04-18PACViewpac
6000018399/SY-15-13(34)/2023 dated 07.08.2023Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SATO make Barcode Label Printer cum Applicator (Labler) for the UNO Passport Manufacturing LineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-072024-04-152024-04-16PACViewpac
GEM/2024/B/4503472Procurement of Video Compact Digital CameraIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-02-162024-04-122024-04-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4361182 Dated 04.01.2024Procurement of Schedule 1: Golden Color Stamping Foil Size 117 mm X 200 meter Quantity :2000 Rolls and Schedule 2: Golden Color Stamping Foil Size 250 mm X 200 meter Quantity :2200 RollsIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-01-042024-04-132024-04-13View
6000018669/SY-15-13(03)/2024 dated 15.02.2024Up-gradation with Supply, Installation, Testing of Control Panel of the CNC Engraving machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-02-152024-04-052024-04-08PACViewpac
GEM/2024/B/4574508Hiring of unskilled labour/multi-tasking staff, 12 persons on contractual basisINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2024-02-032024-04-062024-04-06GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4372549Procurement of BeltsIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-01-032024-04-062024-04-06GEM, OpenViewgem open
"detailed air compressor audit" of centralized compressor system of iSP from 'national productivity council (nPC)' on nomination basis.India Security Press, Nashik2024-04-052024-04-052024-04-05Nomination basisViewnomination-basis
GEM/2023/B/ 4277010Procurement of Lab FurnitureISPN2023-10-292024-03-302024-03-30GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4335501Procurement of Peel Strength Test EquipmentIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-01-062024-03-272024-03-27GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4403228Procurement of Consumables for Xerox Nuvera -144 MICR PrinterIndia Security Press Nashik2024-02-122024-03-262024-03-30GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4353105Hiring of Advertising agency for publication of Tender Notices in leading National and Local Newspaper for the period of one year.INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-12-272024-03-202024-03-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4114817Trimming of trees in ISP Estate CNP Colony and Nehru Nagar colonyINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-10-202024-03-182024-03-18GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4407459SITC for implementation of Panic/Distress Alarm System on turnkey basis.India Security Press, Nashik2024-01-032024-03-072024-03-07GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2024/B/4549782Procurement of P.U. coated timing belts for Stitching and Collating MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-02-142024-03-222024-03-22GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2024/B/4382160Hiring of Medical Bill Processing Agency (TPA) for processing of Medical claims as per CGHS/SPMCIL Medical policy for a period of one YearIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-01-292024-03-162024-03-16GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4308016Electrical and Electronic AT19/13.3 system for Guillotine Machine, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Guillotine control SystemIndia Security Press Nashik2024-01-062024-03-182024-03-25GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4278509SITC Of electrical and electronic Spares for Grapha MachineIndia Security Press Nashik2023-12-192024-03-252024-03-25GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4250585 Dated 19.12.2023Procurement of Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label Numbering; Quantity:2800 Rolls.India Security Press, Nashik Road2024-03-202024-03-192024-03-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4235452Procurement of Alcohol based graviour InkIndia Security Press2024-03-192024-03-192024-03-19GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3833331.5 counter balance stackerIndia Security Press Nashik2023-08-312024-03-162024-03-16GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3911309Procurement of 2x2 Feet Energy Efficient LED Panel LightIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-122024-03-122024-03-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3911309Procurement of 1x4 Feet Energy Efficient LED Panel LightIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-122024-03-122024-03-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018657/2024 dated 31.01.2024Supply of Mechanical Spares for Eurocutter MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-01-312024-03-092024-03-09PACViewpac
GEM/2024/B/4555943Providing and Construction of Stone Masonry Wall , Providing and Making Cement Mortar Pointing to Stone Masonry Wall , Disposal of Building Rubbish or Malba or Similar Unserviceable Dismantled or Waste materialIndia Security Press A Unit of SPMCIL2024-02-162024-03-092024-03-09GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/4013981Rate contract for Painting in ISP FactoryIndia Security Press Nashik2023-11-232024-03-092024-03-09View
GEM/2023/B/4317971 Dated 26.12.2023Procurement of Removable Bar Code Label spool with sensor markIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-03-082024-03-082024-03-08GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3947417Procurement of Gunny BalesIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-162024-03-052024-03-07GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2024/B/4536600Roof insulation for canteen and Shredding sectionIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-02-072024-03-042024-03-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4247957Procurement of Helical Cutter Sleeves for perforation unit of Magtech machine (Development Tender)India Security Press, Nashik2023-12-082024-03-022024-03-02GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4333232 Dated 21.12.2023Procurement of Schedule 1: Golden Color Stamping Foil Size 117 mm X 200 meter Quantity :600 Rolls and Schedule 2: Golden Color Stamping Foil Size 250 mm X 200 meter Quantity :500 Rolls through Development BidIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-03-042024-03-012024-03-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3592880SITC and configuration of CO2 Laser Source 350 WattIndia Security Press Nashik2023-11-022024-02-122024-02-29GEM, OpenViewgem open
Procurement of Safety Gift item on occasion of 53rd National Safety Week-2024India Security Press, Nashik2024-03-022024-03-022024-03-02Nomination, Nomination basisViewnomination nomination-basis
GEM/2023/B/4261017Hiring of Conservancy Services for One Year on Contract BasisIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-12-262024-02-102024-02-10GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018543/PAC/42/SY-16-1(VSC) 2023Annual Maintenance Contract for VSC-6000/HSIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-12-052024-02-242024-02-28PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/4258540Hiring of Services of Cooks, Bearer and Housekeepers for Guest House for a period of One year on Contract BasisIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2024-01-062024-02-222024-02-29GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4388193SITC for implementation of Centralized Vault Door Monitoring System for real time tracking of strong room/vault main doors opening and closing on turnkey basis.INDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-12-292024-03-012024-03-01GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4073284Hiring of Agency for Conducting Annual Medical Examination of ISP EmployeesIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-11-092024-01-252024-02-29GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4013939Procurement of Cow MilkIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-11-302024-02-202024-02-29GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018528/PAC/SY-13-30(17004590)/2023Register Mark Sensor for Three Color MachineIndia security Press Nashik2023-10-302024-02-242024-02-28PACViewpac
6000018606/PAC/SY-13-30(17004607)/2023Services for Repairing of Fanuc make CPU of Super Fast Polishing and Grinding Machine of New PG sectionIndia Security Press Nashik2023-12-272024-02-232024-02-28PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/4415691Providing and fixing of aluminium partition and false ceiling for New server room in workshop canteen and civil repair works at painting shop to make arrangement for workshop canteen facilitiesIndia Security Press Nashik2024-01-082024-02-212024-02-28GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/4252590Electrical and Electronic spares for rapida machineIndia Security Press Nashik2023-11-272024-02-212024-02-28GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018410/PAC/SY-13-30(11010870)/2023Procurement of Spares, Repairing and Overhauling of 2 nos of 1.5 Ton Diesel Forklifts, Make Godrej and 1882 and engineer overhauling of G150D/1882 on PAC basis.India Security Press Nashik2023-08-012024-02-012024-02-01PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/4319913Procurement of sheeting knives of Grapha machine.INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-12-272024-02-202024-02-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4090121Procurement of Sheet Stop CoilIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-11-252024-02-152024-02-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4059990Procurement of Print HeadIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-11-252024-02-102024-02-10GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4094442Cold Rolled Steel StrappingIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-11-022024-02-082024-02-12View
GEM/2023/B/3898897Plain White Nylon Plastic Strapping StripsIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-09-052024-02-082024-02-12View
GEM/2023/B/3831855Procurement of Shrink FilmsINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-08-212024-01-302024-02-08GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3919217Procurement of Office ChairsINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-09-252024-01-092024-02-07GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4050368Procurement of Ethyl Cello Solve (Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether)INDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-10-142024-01-172024-02-08GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3787529Procurement of Polythene Bags of size 470 mm length x 270 mm width x 520 mm HeightINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK0000-00-002023-08-172024-01-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018602/24/DS10/Catering/Badminton Tournament/23-24Hiring of Catering services for Players /dignitaries for SPMCIL Inter Unit Badminton Tournament 2023-24 at ISP, NashikIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-12-232024-08-012024-01-31View
6000018623/48Hiring of Bichhayat ServicesIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-01-112024-01-242024-01-31View
6000018619/46/DS10/Accommodation/APEXBIPARTITE/23-24Hiring of services for Accommodation for 25th meeting of SPMCIL Apex Bipartite Forum at ISP, NashikIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-01-052024-01-162024-01-31View
6000018601/23 dated 23/12/2023Hiring of Accommodation Services for Players/dignitaries for sPMCIL inter unit badminton tournament 2023-24 at iSP, NashikIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-12-232024-01-172024-01-31View
GEM Bid No.GEM/2023/B/4093228 dated 26.10.2023Procurement of Reel Lifter (Quantity: 2 Nos.)India Security Press : Nasik Road2023-10-262024-01-022024-01-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3474793LED panel 36W, 2x2 feet square surfaceIndia Security Press Nashik2023-06-072024-01-172024-01-31GEMViewgem
6000018501/SY-13-30(12005090)/2023Civil works for Installation gates at three main entry gates viz. Green Gate, Workshop Gate & Black Gate of ISP factoryIndia Security Press Nashik2023-09-232024-01-062024-01-29OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/4339482Electrical wiring of the proposed CCTV control room and street light fittingIndia Security Press2024-01-272024-01-272024-01-27GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3894236Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Training of CNC Wire cut Electro Discharge MachineINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-10-102024-01-212024-01-21GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4020735Procurement of Rod Ends and Linear BushingINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-10-202024-01-240000-00-00GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018494/SY-15-13(42)/2023 dated 04.10.2023Purchase of Galvo Card for Z-axis for Automatic Laser Micro Perforation MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-072024-01-152024-01-24PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/4070368Procurement of Fiber Optic SensorIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-11-032024-01-232024-01-23GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEMC/2023/B/4412783 dated 02.01.2024.Providing and fixing of radium strips in diff sections of ISP, Providing fixing of number marking boards on boundary wall of ISP factory and Extension of weather shed at entry of Green gate, providing fixing profile sheet roofing to CISF office at entry oIndia Security Press, Nashik2024-01-022024-01-162024-01-19GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4027995procurement of laser scan mirrorINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-10-192024-01-162024-01-16GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3816183Annual comprehensive maintenance contract for the water purifiers installed at iSP factory and estateINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-09-092024-01-152024-01-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3974892Procurement of Corrugated Cement SheetsIndia Security Press2023-09-212024-01-102024-01-12GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3900561Procurement of Air Operated Double Diaphragm PumpINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-10-102024-01-092024-01-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018428/SY-15-13(37)/2023 dated 17.08.2023Purchase of Spares for Compair/ Gardner Denver make screw compressorIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-172024-01-032024-01-06PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3386414Procurement of 219 nos. of Desktop PC with MS OfficeINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-05-312024-01-042024-01-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
14/ACS/23, Dated: 26.06.2023Design, Detailed Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Access Control System cum Attendance System with Visitor Management System along with Outdoor Boom BarrierIndia Security Press2023-06-262023-12-142024-01-03OpenViewopen
Hiring of Services of IBPS for conducting online examination for the post of welfare officer, A-2 Level and various post of Junior Technician at W-1 Level.India Security Press2024-01-032024-01-032024-01-03Nomination, Nomination basisViewnomination nomination-basis
GEM/2023/B/3758797Cleaning of water tanksIndia Security Press Nashik2023-08-032024-01-012024-01-02GEMViewgem
29/6000018440/SY-15-23(13)/2023Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of lAN (local area network) for internet.INDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-08-280000-00-002024-01-01OpenViewopen
6000018430/SY-13-30(12004953)/2023Construction of storm water drain from a-6 to a-4 connecting to existing storm water drain and repairs to approach paths of a-1 to a-6 quarters in ISP estateIndia Security Press Nashik2023-08-162023-12-282023-12-30OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/3935519Barcode Reader Sensor for APMS, Proximity Sensor for APMSIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-09-112023-12-272023-12-29GEMViewgem
6000018565/SY-15-13(45)/2023Purchase of Indium Wire for Sealing of Laser Head TubeIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-11-272023-12-272023-12-29PACViewpac
Hiring of Services of CSIR-NCL, Pune for X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Printed and Non-Printed MediaIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-12-202023-12-27NominationViewnomination
6000018390/NCB/SY-13-30(Elect)/2023SITC of dry type sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries required for 2x40 KVA Uniline Make UPS with buyback offerINDIA SECURITY PRESS, NASHIK2023-07-262023-12-192023-12-23OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/3606728Procurement of backup/standby server along with backup software for track & trace systemINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-07-122023-12-212023-12-22View
6000018514/21/DS10/BuckramTesting/Nom/23Procurement of Buckram Testing Instrument on Nomination BasisIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-052023-12-192023-12-27NominationViewnomination
GEM/2023/B/3466306Procurement of 6 AMP SwitchIndia Security Press2023-05-242023-12-052023-12-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/4106593Procurement of dry offset anti copying fluorescent orange inkIndia Security Press2023-12-202023-12-202023-12-20GEMViewgem
6000018421/NCB/SY-13-30(10030638)/2023Electrical Spares for Shredding MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-102023-12-072023-12-20View
6000018429/NCB/SY-13-30(10030681)/2023Spares for 700 TR PlantIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-102023-12-072023-12-20View
GEM/2023/B/3975688Procurement of 50MT Watermark Parchment Paper in reel width of 45cm, 120 GSMIndia Security Press2023-12-192023-12-192023-12-19GEMViewgem
Procurement of Medicines for ISP Hospital through GeMIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-172023-12-152023-12-19GEM, OpenViewgem open
272/NCB/SY-15-13(182)/2017-18 dated 15.03.2018CAMC for Fire Alarm system Installed in various section of ISPIndia Security Press, Nashik2018-03-152023-12-082023-12-08PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3825523Procurement of Cleaning MaterialIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-282023-12-052023-12-18GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018531/22/DS10/AGDKITS/PAC/23-24Procurement of AGD Kits for AGD Machine on PAC BasisIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-10-272023-12-142023-12-18PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3974937Procurement of 75 mt of Tear & Water resistant paper in reel width of 47cm, 180 GSMIndia Security Press2023-12-152023-12-150000-00-00GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3926434Procurement of 12 Nos. of Garbage Collection Vehicle through SPMCIL CSR InitiativeINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-12-122023-12-122023-12-15GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3833241Procurement of 03 Nos. of Print HeadIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-09-212023-12-052023-12-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3657350Supply and Installation of split air conditionersINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-07-062023-11-252023-12-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3753328Procurement of 4 Bay NAS Device alongwith Hard DiskINDIA SECURITY PRESS NASHIK2023-08-122023-11-282023-12-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3426581Procurement of Maplitho Paper with Hot Melt Adhesive (Pressure Sensitive) coated and backed with silicone coated glassine release paper in reel with reel width of 44 cm, 155 GSM, qty 150 MT (+/-5%) and reel width of 50.5 cm, 155 GSM, qty-50 MT (+/-5%)India Security Press2023-12-052023-12-052023-12-05GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3426581 dated 09.05.2023Procurement of Maplitho Paper with Hot Melt Adhesive (Pressure Sensitive) coated and backed with silicone coated glassine release paper in reel with reel width of 44 cm, 155 GSM, qty 450 MT (+/-5%) and reel width of 50.5 cm, 155 GSM, qty-150 MT (+/-5%)India Security Press2023-12-052023-12-052023-12-05GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3775521 dated 09/08/2023Digital Photopolymer Nylo PlateIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-092023-11-202023-11-29View
6000018496/SY-15-13(41)/2023 dated 27.09.2023Purchase of Spare Parts for Sheet Fed Electronic Sequential/ Non-Sequential (Random) Numbering MachineIndia Security Press2023-09-292023-11-282023-11-29PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3399027procurement of traction batteries on buyback basisIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-092023-11-102023-11-27GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018395/SY-13-30(12004995)/23SITC of High mast with LED flood lightIndia Security Press Nashik2023-11-272023-07-262023-11-27OpenViewopen
31/HAUV-STE/23 dt.09.09.2023Supply of 80,00,000 sheets of Heat Activated Ultra Violet (HAUV) Film with dimension of 266mm X 192mmIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-09-092023-11-222023-11-22NominationViewnomination
6000018198/SY-15-13(19)/2023 dated 21.04.2023Purchase of Electrical/ Electronic Spare parts for Barcode Print and Apply UnitIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-04-212023-11-202023-11-21View
6000018303/16/PAC/DS-10/CONSHP5500/23-24 dated 28.06.2023Procurement of Consumables for HP Indigo 5500 Colour Printer on PAC BasisIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-06-282023-11-202023-11-20PACViewpac
GEM/2023/3639418 dated 04.07.2023Purchase of Vacuum Generating VavleIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-07-042023-11-112023-11-16View
GEM/2023/B/3686079 Dated 20.07.2023procurement of Thermal Inkjet Cartridges for Variable data printing Quantity: 11000 NosIndia Security Press2023-07-202023-11-162023-11-09GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3158929Procurement of Digital Micrometer for Measuring Thickness of Paper and paper BoardIndia Security Press2023-04-192023-11-072023-11-08GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3499161 Dated 24.06.2023Procurement of Cotton Fabric Based Passport Cover Material : 7,00,000 SheetsIndia Security Press2023-06-242023-10-072023-11-07GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3358950 dated 25.04.2023Purchase of Profile Cutting kisscut Plates 22" and 24"India Security Press, Nashik2023-04-252023-11-012023-11-07View
GEM/2023/B/3356850Procurement of Electrical Roller & wash-up ControllerIndia Security Press2023-04-282023-11-012023-11-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3591011Repairs of Battery Operated Pallet TrucksIndia Security Press2023-07-042023-11-012023-11-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3583538Procurement of FU-81C Fiber Optic SensorIndia Security Press2023-07-032023-11-012023-11-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3386813Procurement of Ashoka Pillar and CTS-India Watermark Sensitized MICR cheque paper in reel widthIndia Security Press2023-10-312023-10-312023-10-31GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3592820Procurement of Tear and Water resistant paper in reel width of 45 cm, 210 gSMIndia Security Press2023-10-312023-10-312023-10-31GEMViewgem
GeM Bid No. GEM/2023/3712092 dated 20.07.2023Procurement of Paper Filter Cabinet ElementIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-07-202023-10-302023-10-31View
6000018176/72/NCB/CCTV/2023-24Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (SITC) of 226 Nos. IP based CCTV System with Latest Technology including three years of Comprehensive Warranty on replacement basis on turnkey basis.India Security Press, Nashik2023-03-292023-10-232023-10-27View
GEM/2023/B/3661853SITC for advance Earthing system pit electrical panelsISP, Nashik2023-07-102023-10-262023-10-26GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2022/B/2834750Procurement of Lead Acid Batteries for UPS on buy back basisIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-052023-09-282023-10-25GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3759973Hand held Metal DetectorIndia Security Press Nashik2023-08-102023-10-200000-00-00GEM, PACViewgem pac
GEM/2023/B/3411911CAMC of EPABX systemIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-042023-10-202023-10-21GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018262/SY-13-30(10029949)/2023SITC for upgradation of electric and electronic control system of 1 no. of circumferential register unit of Rapida Machine no.2 by direct replacement in place of existing register control unitIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-112023-09-212023-09-21OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/3520349CAMC of 2 x 40 KVA UPS of MICRIndia Security Press2023-06-162023-10-142023-10-18GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018293/NCB/SY-13-30(ELECT)/2023Supply of Electric Spares for BOWE systec 310s machineElectric Spares for BOWE systec 310s machine2023-06-082023-09-182023-10-17OpenViewopen
6000018309/19/CorpR&D/ISP/PAC/13/2023 dated 10.07.2023Hiring of Services for AMC and Calibration of Laboratory Centrifuge on PAC Basis for Three YearsIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-07-102023-10-172023-10-17PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3372240Procurement of Three numbers of Controller Print Head Cards for CONDOT systemController Print Head Card2023-05-162023-10-052023-10-17GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018169/01/CorpR&D/ISP/PAC/10/2022-23 dated 03.04.2023Hiring of Services For Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of Laboratory Equipment Light Fastness / Weathering Tester on On-site Basis at Corporate R&D Centre for One YearIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-04-032023-10-142023-10-16PACViewpac
6000018475/SY-13-30/PAC/2023CAMC of 3 nos of computer based X-ray baggage inspection systemIndia Security Press2023-09-022023-10-142023-10-16PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3591026 dated 20.06.2023Hiring of Agency for Burning of Security Waste at IncineratorIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-06-202023-10-132023-10-14GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018035/12/PR-44-PP-193/2022 dated 24.05.2023Procurement of Cylinder Mould Multi-tonal Watermarked High Rag Content Specially Sized Paper (Qty.: 630-MT)India Security Press, Nasik Road2023-05-242023-09-132023-09-13View
GEM/2023/B/3383059 dated 15-05-2023Procurement of Buff Pulp Board Sheets in Sheet Size 57 CM X 89 CM of 170 GSMIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-05-152023-09-152023-09-29GEMViewgem
6000018394/SY-15-13(33)/2023 dated 11.08.2023Mechanical spares for Casing in Machine, Final Finishing Machine and Inlay pasting machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-112023-09-282023-09-28PACViewpac
6000018411/SY-15-13(35)/2023 dated 03.08.2023Procurement of Spares and consumables for Becker vacuum pumpsIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-08-042023-09-202023-09-22PACViewpac
05/HAUV(D)/2023 Dated 22.04.2023procurement of 36 Lakh sheets of heat activated ultra violet firm through development tenderIndia Security Press2023-04-222023-09-202023-09-21View
6000018295/SY-13-30(11010185)/2023SITC work for Electrical Supply Provision of letter press machineIndia Security Press Nashik2023-06-092023-09-162023-09-18OpenViewopen
6000018216/sY-13-30(ELECT)/23SITC of MV PDBs for 1000 KVA and 1250 KVA transformers at Substation IIndia Security Press Nashik2023-04-202023-09-162023-09-18OpenViewopen
6000018270/SY-13-30(12004750)/23SITC of IP based CCTV Camera system at R&D Centre NashikIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-192023-09-162023-09-18OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/3572289 dated 15/06/2023Procurement of Corrugated Boxes Type CU in the size 610 MM (L) X 254 MM (W) X 216 MM (H)India Security Press, Nashik2023-06-152023-09-142023-09-15GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2022/B/2713326 dated 12/11/2022Procurement of Corrugated Box(OPP)Size 470MM X 270MM X 210MMIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-122023-06-202023-06-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3535417Procurement of Stitching Wire no. 21India Security Press Nashik2023-06-062023-09-112023-09-13GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3535847Procurement of Nylon Rubber BandIndia Security Press, Nashik Road, Nashik2023-06-062023-09-122023-09-13GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3456548Hiring of Transportation service for Transportation of cut machine iron/wear scrap.India Security Press2023-09-132023-09-132023-09-13GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3505280 dated 22/06/2023Procurement of Corrugated Boxes Type OPP in the size 470 MM (L) X 270 MM (W) X 260 MM (HIndia Security PRess, Nashik2023-06-222023-09-112023-09-11View
GEM/2023/B/3514810 dated 17/06/2023Procurement of Corrugated Box(TZJ)Size 590MM X 490MM X 360MMIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-06-172023-09-112023-09-11View
GEM/2023/B/3157772 dated 11/03/2023Procurement of Corrugated Boxes Type SPOOL in the size 430 MM (L) X 310 MM (W) X 310 MM (H)India Security Press, Nashik2023-03-112023-09-112023-09-11View
GEM/2023/B/3536282 dated 16/06/2023Procurement of Corrugated Box(P-2)Size 510MM X 310MM X 260MMIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-06-162023-09-112023-09-11View
GEM/2023/B/3452332 Dated 22/05/2023Procurement of Ultra Destructible Vinyl Film in sheet size 510 MM (+/-2) X 760 MM (+/-3), Qty-1000 Sheets (+/-5%)India Security Press, Nasik Road2023-05-222023-08-262023-08-30GEMViewgem
GEM/2022/B/3379938 Dated 15/05/2023Procurement of C2S Matt Finish Art Board/Paper in sheet size 63.5 CM X 91 CM, 210 GSM, Qty-15 MT(+/-5%)India Security Press, Nashik2023-05-152023-08-222023-08-30GEMViewgem
Hiring of services for conducting online examination for recruitment of Jr Office AssistantIndia Security Press0000-00-000000-00-000000-00-00NominationViewnomination
GEM/2023/B/3322598Hiring of Canteen Vendor/attendant for canteen section for the period of one yearIndia Security Press2023-04-012023-08-282023-08-28GEMViewgem
6000018333/SY-15-13(28)/2023 dated 08.07.2023Purchase of Spares for Track and Trace SystemIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-07-082023-08-252023-08-28PACViewpac
6000018305/18/PAC/DS-10/Cons/Glassbeads/23-24 dated 10.07.2023Procurement Glass Beads as Consumables for Circulation Simulation Tester at Corporate R&D Centre.India Security Press, Nasik Road2023-07-102023-08-242023-08-28PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3519229CORRUGATED BOXES IN THE SIZE OF 470 MM (L) X 270 MM (W) X 210 MM (H)India Security Press, Nashik2023-08-212023-08-212023-08-21View
GEM/2023/B/3357592Procurement of Almirah (qty.: 30 Nos.)India Security Press, Nasik Road2023-05-102023-08-112023-08-19GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2023/B/3428908Hiring of Services For Non-Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of Laboratory Equipment and Glassware on Onsite Basis at Corporate R&D Centre for Three YearsIndia Security Press, Nasik Road2023-05-102023-08-032023-08-18GEM, OpenViewgem open
6000018240/SY-15-13(12)/2021 dated 03.05.2023Hiring of services for "re-pinning of perforation Pin Cylinder (set of 100 X 4 sets): 03 AUIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-05-032023-08-162023-08-16OpenViewopen
CPWD/WS/C/971Replacement of Defective Drain line network of ISP hospital building and hospital colony at Nehru Nagar EstateIndia Security Press Nashik2023-07-152023-08-102023-08-12NominationViewnomination
CPWD/WS/C/977Repairs/Reconstruction of tilted boundary wall of R&D CentreIndia Security Press Nashik2023-07-222023-08-102023-08-12NominationViewnomination
GEM/2023/B/3508175 dated 31/05/2023Procurement of Synthetic Resin Adhesive (Permanent Type)India Security Press, Nashik2023-05-312023-08-092023-08-09View
GEM/2023/B/3203359Procurement of Workstation PC for studioIndia Security Press2023-08-092023-08-090000-00-00View
6000018367Procurement of Therma inkjet cartridge for barcode and numberingIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-08-052023-08-032023-08-05PACViewpac
GeM/2023/B/2843311Procurement of PTMT Plumbing material.Inida Security Press Nashik2022-12-142023-08-012023-08-04GEM, OpenViewgem open
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2741728 Dated: 16-11-2022Hiring of Private VehiclesIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-162023-08-042023-08-04View
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2880971 Dated: 21-12-2022Procurement of First Aid Fire Fighting EquipmentIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-12-212023-08-012023-08-04View
GEM/2023/B/3056516Procurement of Calibrated under packing paper, Quantity-4000 Numbers (+/-5%)India Security Press,Nashik2023-02-092023-07-042023-07-31View
6000013890/152/PR-44(PP)/2019 dated 17.12.2019Tender Subject: Procurement of Cylinder Mould Multi Tonal Watermared high rag content specially sized paper in reel width of 41 cms, 100 gsmIndia Security Press, Nasik Road2019-12-172023-07-182023-07-18Repeat orderViewrepeat-order
GEM/2022/B/2739240Procurement of Kraft Paper in the size 62 CMS X 86 CMS (150 GSM), Quantity-12500 Kgs (+/-5%)India Security Press, Nashik2022-11-172023-07-072023-07-31View
6000018228/NCB/SY-13-30(CIV)/2023Civil work to Shift Electronic Lab to Workshop Canteen, ISP Nashik roadIndia Security Press Nashik2023-04-202023-07-282023-07-29OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/2950148 dated 05.01.2023Procurement of various types of Sensors for MachinesIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-282023-07-262023-07-28GEMViewgem
GEM/2023/B/3281481Procurement of mechanical spare parts for brother make stitching machineIndia Security Press2023-07-252023-07-250000-00-00View
6000018175/10/CorpR&D/ISP/PAC/11/2023Hiring of Services for Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of Laboratory Equipment Crumpling Tester for Bank Notes for Three YearsIndia Security Press, Nasik Road2023-05-092023-07-132023-07-25PACViewpac
6000018048/57/DS10/Cons/XN/144/23Procurement of Consumable for Xerox Nuvera - 144 MICR Printer (Sheet Fed)India Security Press, Nasik Road2023-02-012023-07-222023-07-22OpenViewopen
GEM/2023/B/3265400Hiring of IT Manpower services for maintaining IT Infrastrcture for the period of one yearIndia Security Press2023-07-222023-07-222023-07-22View
GeM/2023/B/3124398Procurement of two nos of digital signage alongwith installation through gemInida Security Press Nashik2023-02-242023-07-192023-07-20GEM, OpenViewgem open
CPWD/WS/C/EIElectrical Installation for Turnstile gates at Green Gate, Black Gate and Workshop Gate at ISPIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-182023-07-202023-07-20NominationViewnomination
GEM/2022/B/2918764Laser Inspection Camera SystemIndia Security Press Nashik2023-01-032023-07-182023-07-19GEM, OpenViewgem open
GEM/2022/B/2929453Procurement of Torque Guards for machineIndia Security Press2023-07-182023-07-180000-00-00View
Tender No. 6000018277/SY-Disposal (11010316)/2023 dated 24.05.2023Disposal of hazardous waste.Inida Security Press Nashik2023-05-242023-07-142023-07-15OpenViewopen
6000018076/SY-15-13(07)/2023 dated 17.02.2023Procurement of Becker make vacuum Pump and sparesInida Security Press Nashik2023-02-172023-07-042023-07-12OpenViewopen
GeM Bid NO. GEM/2022/265562 dated 19.10.2022Procurement of Multicolour Ultra Violet Thread 10000 ReelsInida Security Press Nashik2022-10-192023-07-052023-07-12GEMViewgem
6000018244/PAC/SY-15-23(44)/2023 dated 28.04.2023CAMC of Passanger lift in R & D Center on PAC basisIndia Security Press2023-07-082023-07-082023-07-08PACViewpac
GEM/2023/B/3197580Hiring of earht moving machine for storesIndia Security Press2023-07-082023-07-080000-00-00GEM, OpenViewgem open
Hiring of services for enhancement in existing Track and Trace SystemInida Security Press Nashik2023-06-072023-07-012023-07-04View
6000018225/SY-15-13(24)/2023 dated 28.04.2023Different Pushers and Pins for e-Passport MachineInida Security Press Nashik2023-04-292023-06-212023-06-30View
GEM/2020/B/2606710 dated 01.11.2022re-Rubberisation and Ebonite Coating of Inking RollersInida Security Press Nashik2022-11-032023-06-242023-06-30View
GEM/2023/B/3558415 dated 28.04.2023Rubber blanket for Dry and Wet offsetInida Security Press Nashik2023-04-292023-06-242023-06-30View
6000018189/SY-15-13(18)/2023 dated 12.04.2023Purchase of Spare Parts for Direct Drive Gothic Numbering Boxes of Final Finishing Machine of APMSInida Security Press Nashik2023-04-162023-06-192023-06-19View
6000018187/SY-15-13(17)/2023 dated 12.04.2023Supply of FM Die Cutter Upper Knives: 12 Nos.Inida Security Press Nashik2023-04-162023-06-092023-06-16View
GEM/2023/B/3297397 Dated 31-03-2023Procurement Of Paper Reel CoresIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-03-312023-06-272023-06-30View
GEM/2023/B/3094539 dated 10.02.2023Procurement of A4 Size Xerox PaperIndia Security Press, Nasik Road2023-02-152023-06-282023-06-30View
Medicines/KAPL/Nomination/2023Procurement of Medicines from Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals limited (Government Company) on nomination basis.India Security Press, Nasik Road0000-00-002023-05-132023-06-30View
GeM/2023/B/3302265Procurement of grocery MaterialInida Security Press Nashik2023-04-082023-06-222023-06-28View
SY-15-23(03)/2023 dated 16.06.2023Procurement of dedicated internet leased line (ILL) 30 mbpsIndia Security Press2023-06-282023-06-282023-06-28View
GEM/2023/B/3376858Hiring of services for unloading and shifting of machineIndia Security Press2023-06-282023-06-282023-06-28View
GEM/2022/B/2537373SITC of LT Distribution PanelIndia Security Press Nashik2022-09-242023-06-272023-06-28View
6000018154/SY-13-30/PAC/2023Supply of Electronics Spares for Final Finishing Machine no.4 of APMSIndia Security Press Nashik2023-03-282023-06-272023-06-28View
GEM/2022/B/288371048 Watt and 90 Watt LED street light fittingsIndia Security Press Nashik2023-01-112023-06-142023-06-22View
GEM/2022/B/2483123TubelightIndia Security Press Nashik2022-09-102023-06-072023-06-22View
GEM/2022/B/2871664Electric Spares for CONDOT systemIndia Security Press Nashik2023-01-032023-06-012023-06-22View
6000018261/PAC/SY-13-30(17004327)/2023Repairs of Simotic Motor of 3 color PG printing machineIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-092023-06-162023-06-22View
6000018208/SY-13-30(11010398)/2023SITC of EF & OC Relay for ACB of AC plant.India Security Press Nashik2023-04-132023-06-162023-06-22View
CPWD/WS/C/942Civil works for Installation of Turnstile gates at three entry gates i.e. Green gate, Workshop gate and black gate of ISP.India Security Press Nashik2023-05-162023-06-162023-06-22View
GEM/2023/B/2984675Advanced operating panelIndia Security Press Nashik2023-01-242023-06-142023-06-22View
GEM/2022/B/2905941Procurement of spares for Brother Make Stitching machineIndia Security Press2023-06-212023-06-212023-06-21View
GEM/2023/B/3195864Customized AMC/CMC for Pre owned product UPS for the period of one yearIndia Security Press2023-06-152023-06-152023-06-15View
GEM/2023/B/3089404Hiring of Housekeeping services for the period of one yearIndia Security Press2023-06-152023-06-152023-06-15View
GEM/2023/B/2937236Procurement of Hydraulic Lifter for machineIndia Security Press2023-06-152023-06-152023-06-15View
GEM/2023/B/2999861Procurement of spares for heavy duty lifting equipmentIndia Security Press2023-06-152023-06-152023-06-15View
GEM/2023/B/2996873Procurement of Bearings 7201 B Steel cage for machineIndia Security Press2023-06-152023-06-152023-06-15View
6000018068/SY-15-13(06)/2023 dated 08.02.2023Profile Cutting Upper Knives (FM Die Cutter Upper Knives) through Development TenderIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-02-112023-06-012023-06-02View
GeM Bid vide No. GEM/2022/B/2762135Procurement of Oil and LubricantsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-282023-05-312023-05-31View
GEM/2023/B/2950477Procurement of Watermark Parchment Paper in Reel Width of 45 CM, 120 GSM, Qty-50 MT(+/-5%)India Security Press, Nashik2023-01-092023-05-122023-05-31View
GEM/2023/B/3113128Procurement of Pneumatic spares for machineIndia Security Press2023-05-312023-05-312023-05-31View
GEM/2023/B/3186988Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Hydraulic Goods LiftIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-05-312023-05-312023-05-31View
6000017975/SY-15-13(27)/2022 dated 27.12.2022Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Training of "Online Gothic Numbering System (UNO)"Inida Security Press Nashik2022-12-272023-05-242023-05-30View
GEM/2022/B/3026252 dated 21/11/2022Procurement of Nylon Rubber BandIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-02-062023-05-032023-05-29View
GeM Bid No. GEM/2022/B/2917632 dated 09/01/2023Procurement of Tin Seals Qty: 1500 Kg.India Security Press Nashik2023-01-092023-05-022023-05-29View
6000017907/PAC/SY-15-23(04)/2022 dated 08.11.2022Procurement of screw element for comp air make screw compressorIndia Security Press2022-11-232023-05-272023-05-27View
54/HAUV/2022 dated 07.01.2023Supply of 13 million sheets of Heat Activated Ultra Violet (HAUV) Film with dimension of 266mm X 192mmIndia Security Press2023-01-072023-05-182023-05-25View
6000018263/PAC/SY-13-30(17004343)/2023Services for Repairing of X-ray Baggage Machine at Workshop gateIndia Security Press Nashik2023-05-132023-05-242023-05-25View
GEM/2023/B/2985485Procurement of Electrical and Electronic Spares for Machines of APMS.India Security Press Nashik2023-01-132023-05-182023-05-25View
SPMCIL/India Security Press Nashik/Purchase/4/22-23/ET/360 dated 23.01.2023SITC of 2x 80 kVA uPS system on turnkey basisIndia Security Press Nashik2023-01-232023-05-222023-05-25View
GeM/2022/B/2522903Procurement of SS mesh and Nylon meshIndia Security Press Nashik2022-09-242023-05-162023-05-18View
6000018087/SY-15-13(08)/2023 dated 14.02.2023Purchase of Electrical Spares for Laser Perforation Numbering System E-ULP Machine of e-Passport Manufacturing System (UNO)India Security Press, Nashik2023-02-162023-05-182023-05-18View
6000017971/51/CorR&D/ISP/PAC/8/2022 dated 02.01.2023Non Comprehensive AMC and calibration of laboratory equipment digital micrometer on on-site basis at corporate R&d Centre for three (03) years on PAC basis.India Security Press, Nashik Road2023-01-022023-05-162023-05-18View
6000017972/49/CorR&D/ISP/PAC/9/2022 dated 02.01.2023Non Comprehensive AMC and Calibration of laboratory equipment Ink Rub Tester on on-Site basis at Corporate R&D Centre for three (03) years.India Security Press, Nashik Road2023-01-202023-05-162023-05-18View
GEM/2022/B/2872377 dated 04.01.2023Hiring of services for cutting of condemned machineIndia Security Press2023-05-172023-05-172023-05-17View
6000018257/SY-15-13(25)/2021Hiring of Services for third party security audit of Tack and Trace system for e-passport manufacturing systemIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-05-052023-05-122023-05-13View
6000018101/SY-15-13(12)/2023 dated 27.02.2023Purchase of Mechanical Spare Parts for Sheet Fed Electronic Sequential/ Non-Sequntial (Random) Numbering machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-02-272023-05-062023-05-12View
6000018218/SY-15-13(23)/2023purchase of 1850 kg Synthetic adhesive (permanent type)India Security Presss, Nashik2023-04-262023-05-092023-05-12View
GEM/2022/B/2850358Procurement of Carbon Brushes for motorIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-12-142023-05-092023-05-11View
GEM/2023/B/2988217Procurement of Server Computer (CPU) for CONDOT SystemIndia Security Press2023-01-142023-05-082023-05-11View
GEM/2022/B/2876970Servicing and repairing of 400KVA transformer coil leakage, AB Switch & DO fuse assemblyIndia Security Press2023-01-042023-05-082023-05-11View
IIT/WS/C-950Structural audit of the quarters and buildings in township of India Security Press, Nashik Road by Indian Institute of Technology, BombayIndia Security Press Nashik0000-00-002023-05-082023-05-11View
GEM/2022/B/2859940Procurement of Mechanical spares for DSB Stationed machineIndia Security Press2023-01-052023-02-042023-05-09View
Hiring of agency for conducting typing skill test on nomination basisIndia Security Press2023-05-092023-05-092023-05-09View
GeM/2022/B/2571476Plastic tarpualinsIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-142023-04-292023-04-29View
GEM/2023/B/3120984Procurement of Synthetic Resin Adhesive (Permanent Type)India Security Press, Nashik2023-02-142023-04-292023-04-29View
GEM/2023/B/3046404Pressure sensitive OBA free self adhesive sticker paperIndia Security Press2023-01-282023-04-272023-04-29View
GEM/2023/B/2981874Procurement of Tear and Water Resistant Paper in reel width of 47 cm 180 GSM Qty 50 mtIndia Security Press2023-01-140000-00-000000-00-00View
6000018034/PAC/SY-15-23(22)/2022 dated 20.02.2023Procurement of Oil for Screw CompressorsIndia Security Press2023-04-200000-00-000000-00-00View
GeM/2022/B/2554584Procurement of Yellow Cover Paper (Unbranded 160 GSM Coloured Cover Paper)India Security Press Nashik2022-09-202023-04-112023-04-29View
6000018063/SY-15-13(05)/2023Purchase of 01 No. of Perforating Tool (with complete assembly and spares) and 01 No. of Spare Cutting plateIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-02-112023-04-212023-04-28View
GEM/2022/B/2883107Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of precision ac for labIndia Security Press2022-12-232023-04-202023-04-28View
GEM/2023/B/2908654Hiring of services for lifting of kachara from kachara kundiesIndia Security Press2022-12-262023-04-040000-00-00View
6000017800/PAC/SY-15-23(166)/2022 dated 01.12.2022Procurement of Mechanical spares for folding machineIndia Security Press2022-12-012023-04-152023-04-28View
6000017693/PAC/SY-15-23(164)/2022 dated 05.08.2022Servicing of four brother Make Stitching machineIndia Security Press2022-08-052023-04-152023-04-28View
GeM/2023/B/3028960Procurement of industrial vacuum cleanersInida Security Press Nashik2023-02-132023-04-252023-04-28View
GeM/2022/B/2840766Procurement of Safety door relay of laser perforation SystemInida Security Press Nashik2022-12-162023-04-172023-04-21View
CPWD/WS/C/973Painting works in ISP factory, ISP estate & nehru nagar estate areaIndia Security Press Nashik0000-00-002023-04-192023-04-20View
GEM/2023/B/3041084 Dated:27-01-2023Double Folded Polyolefin Shrink FilmIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-272023-04-082023-04-20View
GEM/2022/B/2979798Steel Based Water Washable Digital Photo Polymer Nylo PlatesIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-162023-04-062023-04-17View
GEM/2022/B/2644376Testing and calibration of Electromagnetic Relays and Mircoprocessor Numerical RelaysIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-222023-04-062023-04-10View
GEM/2022/B/2643974Procurement of tool kitsIndia Security Press Nashik2022-11-052023-04-052023-04-10View
GeM Bid No. GEM/2023/B/2986990 Dated 14.01.2023PROCUREMET OF 5500 ROLLS (I.E. 2500 ROLLS IN SIZE 250 MM X 200 METER & 3000 ROLLS IN SIZE 117 MM X 200 METER OF GOLDEN COLOR STAMPING FOILIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-04-142023-04-042023-04-05View
GEM/2022/B/2778775 dated 03.12.2022Procurement of RH ChamberIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-01-032023-03-252023-03-31View
GEM/2022/B/2698137Hiring of Conservancy Services -reg.India Security Press, Nashik Road2022-11-302023-03-092023-03-31View
GEM/2023/B/2961566 dated 10.01.2023Hiring of Services for Accupressor Sujok TherapyIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-01-102023-03-292023-03-31View
6000018077/58/PAC/DS-10/CONSXN144/3/2022-23 dated 04.02.2023Procurement of Consumables for Xerox Nuvera 144 MICR printer on PAC basisIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2023-02-062023-02-012023-03-31View
CPWD/WS/C/903/7434Painting of RCC 05 lakh ltrs ESR, RCC/ Masonry & Iron Structures of water storage tank in ISP EstateIndia Security Press Nashik2023-02-272023-03-282023-03-31View
GeM/2022/B/2744265Rewinding and repairing of 15 HP Pump Motor Set 160 Quarter Pump House of Nehru Nagar EstateInida Security Press Nashik2022-11-282023-03-252023-03-30View
CPWD/WS/C/6769Painting and necessary civil repair works of ISP hospital building and its surrounding units Nehru nagarInida Security Press Nashik2023-02-242023-03-232023-03-30View
GEM/2022/B/2621635Hiring of Medical Bill Processing agency for 3500 employees of isp on contract basis for the period of one yearIndia Security Press2023-03-022023-03-022023-03-30View
GEM/2022/B/2532965 dated 20.09.2022Hiring of Unskilled workers for isp stores for the period of one yearIndia Security Press0000-00-002023-03-022023-03-30View
6000018136/PAC/SY-15-23(33)/2023 dated 02.03.2023Consumables, spares and repairing of 3 ton and 5 ton godrej forkliftIndia Security Press2023-03-212023-03-212023-03-30View
Hiring of services for conducting online examination for recruitment of jt. TechnicianIndia Security Press2023-03-182023-03-182023-03-30View
GEM/2022/B/2863245Power cablesIndia Security Press2023-01-132023-03-282023-03-30View
GEM/2023/B/3068294Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of compressed air preparation unit for machineIndia Security Press2023-02-032023-02-132023-03-30View
GEM/2022/2786661Procurement of Cleaning and housekeeping MaterialIndia Security Press Nashik2022-12-032023-03-252023-03-30View
6000018096/SY-15-13(11)/2023 dated 21.02.2023Heat Activated Film, Quantity: 500 Kgs.India Security Press, Nashik Road2023-02-212023-03-292023-03-29View
GeM/2022/B/2797046Procurement of grocery MaterialInida Security Press Nashik2022-12-052023-03-252023-03-29View
6000017921/SY-15-13(22)/2022Supply of Installation, Commissioning, Testing and trials of laser Source 350 WattIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-182023-03-202023-03-29View
6000018108/SY-15-13(14)/2023 dated 21.02.2023Hiring of services for integration of apis/UtilityIndia Security Press, Nasik Road2023-02-212023-03-292023-03-29View
GeM/2023/B/3001323Procurement of SensorIndia Security Press Nashik2023-02-022023-03-292023-03-29View
GeM/2022/B/2549833 dated 22.11.2021Procurement of Medicines for ISP HospitalIndia Security Press, Nashik Road2022-11-222023-03-112023-03-28View
GEM/2022/B/2493389 Dated: 01-09-2022PROCUREMENT OF FIRST AID FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENTIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-012023-03-282023-03-28View
GEM/2022/B/2417724Tubular heatersIndia Security Press Nashik2022-08-292023-03-272023-03-28View
GEM/2022/B/2663433M.S. Flat and M.S. Hollow Square Tube for Blacksmithy works at ISPIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-222023-03-172023-03-27View
GEM/2022/B/2495711AMC for operation and maintenance of 33 KV MRS at ISPIndia Security Press Nashik2022-09-132023-03-232023-03-27View
GEM/2022/B/2605520Procurement of buff pulp board sheets in sheet size 57 cM x 89 cM of 170 gSMIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-122023-03-042023-03-25View
GEM/2022/B/2840903Procurement of Water Resistance and tear resistance paper (with invisible colour u.v. fibers) in sheet format, sheet size 300 MM x 430 MM, Quantity-2000 Kgs (+/-5%)India Security Press, Nashik2022-12-272023-03-242023-03-24View
GEM/2022/B/2917738 Dated: 09-01-2023white Nylon Plastic StripIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-092023-03-092023-03-21View
GEM/2022/B/2513500Corrugated Cement SheetsIndia Security Press Nashik2022-09-130000-00-002023-03-20View
GEM/2022/B/2777730Painting work of quarters at ISPIndia Security Press Nashik2022-12-162023-03-152023-03-18View
GEM/2022/B/2523207Miniature Power RelayIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-012023-03-112023-03-16View
Procurement of 1485000 sheets of HAUV film (1,35,000 sheets againts ISP PO No. 4500019056 Dated 17.05.2021 placed on M/s. Advance Print Technologies, Dadra and nagar haveli and 1350000 sheets against iSP PO No. 4550001103 dated 04.05.2021 placed on M/s. TIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-03-062023-03-13View
GEM/2022/B/2833076Job work to make cable trenchesIndia Security Press Nashik2022-12-162023-03-092023-03-10View
GEM/2022/B/2292461CAMC for 7 nos of UPSIndia Security Press Nashik2022-07-062023-03-072023-03-10View
GEM/2022/B/2537077SITC of Gold emboss Monitoring systemIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-012023-03-092023-03-10View
GEM/2022/B/2653795SITC of On/Off system For numbering unit of grapha machine.India Security Press Nashik2022-10-222023-03-012023-03-09View
GEM/2022/B/2549962Filtration of Transformer Oil, SITC of transformer silicagel breatherIndia Security Press Nashik2022-10-142023-03-032023-03-09View
6000017994/SY-15-13(29)/2022Spare Parts of Brother Make Stitching Machine of Lead Machine E-Passport Manufacturing SystemIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-022023-02-152023-03-07View
6000018095/SY-15-13(10)/2023Hiring of Serivices of Firm to Depute One of the Representative of the Firm to Travel to Delhi Alongwith ISP Official to have Technical Discussion with NIC and Ncode for Integration of the APIS/Utilities Received from Ncode to the System to Encrypt and DiIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-02-092023-02-202023-03-07View
6000017991/SY-15-13(28)/2022Combo Reader with DCU and Display with its Installation, Commssioning and Integration with Existing Track and Trace System for E-Passport manufacturingIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-052023-02-202023-03-07View
GeM/2022/B/2712241Removable Bar Code Label Spool with Sensor MarkIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-252023-02-042023-03-07View
GeM/2022/B/2567169Procurement of Oil and LubricantsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-292023-02-212023-03-07View
GEM/2022/B/2598248Self Adhesive Paper TapeIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-102023-02-022023-03-07View
GEM/2022/B/2713326Corrugated Boxes size 470X270X210India Security Press, Nashik2022-11-122023-01-232023-03-07View
GEM/2022/B/2739404LDPE Shrink Film 550MMIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-152023-02-112023-03-07View
GEM/2022/B/2462369Full body Protector for MaleIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-222023-02-032023-03-07View
GEM/2022/B/2611459Polythene BagsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-132023-02-042023-03-07View
6000017866/SY-15-13(17)/2022Purchase of Spare Parts for Sheet Fed Electronic Sequential/ Non-Sequential (Random) Numbering MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-212023-03-032023-03-06View
GEM/2022/B/2487086PROCUREMENT OF ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT FOR HOSPITAL USEIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-08-302023-02-102023-02-28View
GEM/2022/B/2459258Procurement of Electrical and electronic sparesIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-012023-02-252023-02-28View
GEM/2022/B/2420655SITC of Thyristorised Switched APFC Panel Boards alongwith Accessories on turnkey basisIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-08-202023-02-282023-02-17View
6000017874/SY-15-13(20)/2022SUPPLY, INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING AND TESTING OF SCAN HEAD THROUGH DEVELOPMENT TENDERIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-142023-02-272023-03-27View
6000018081/SY-15-13(08)/2023 DATED 14.02.2023Purchase of Synthetic Adhesive (Permanent Type)India Security Press, Nashik2023-02-142023-02-022023-03-27View
GEM/2022/B/2751789Procurement of Pneumatic Cylinder Valves, Tubing and Connectors for machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-302023-02-022023-02-27View
GEM/2022/B/2751789Procurement of Pneumatic Cylinder Valves, Tubing and Connectors for machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-302023-02-022023-02-27View
GEM/2022/B/2766313Procurement of Pneumatic spares for machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-01-122023-02-212023-02-27View
GEM/2022/B/2501767Procurement of Roller Carriage for machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-192023-02-022023-02-27View
GEM/2022/B/2436131Burner for incineratorIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-152023-02-24View
GEM/2022/B/2436131Procurement of ABB PLCIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-092023-02-24View
GEM/2022/B/2462369 dated 22-09-2022Full body Protector for MaleIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-032023-02-23View
GEM/2022/B/2462369 dated 22-09-2022Full body Protector for MaleIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-032023-02-23View
GEM/2022/B/2739404 dated 15.11LDPE Shrink Film 550MMIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-112023-02-23View
GeM/2022/B/2567169 dated 29/09/2022Procurement of Oil and LubricantsIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-212023-02-23View
GeM/2022/B/2567169 dated 29/09/2022Procurement of Oil and LubricantsIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-212023-02-23View
GeM/2022/B/2567169 dated 29/09/2022Procurement of Oil and LubricantsIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-212023-02-23View
GeM/2022/B/2712241 dated 25/11/2022Removable Bar Code Label Spool with Sensor MarkIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-042023-02-23View
66000017991/SY-15-13(28)/2022, dated 05/01/2023Hiring of Serivices of Firm to Depute One of the Representative of the Firm to Travel to Delhi Alongwith ISP Official to have Technical Discussion with NIC and Ncode for Integration of the APIS/Utilities Received from Ncode to the System to Encrypt andIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-03-092023-02-202023-02-23View
6000018095/SY-15-13(10)/2023, Dated 09/02/2023Hiring of Serivices of Firm to Depute One of the Representative of the Firm to Travel to Delhi Alongwith ISP Official to have Technical Discussion with NIC and Ncode for Integration of the APIS/Utilities Received from Ncode to the System to Encrypt andIndia Security Press, Nashik2023-03-092023-02-202023-02-23View
6000017994/SY-15-13(29)/2022, DATED 02/01/2023SPARE PARTS OF BROTHER MAKE STITCHING MACHINE OF LEAD MACHINE E-PASSPORT MANUFACTURING SYSTEMIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-02-232023-02-23View
GEM/2022/B/2452756SITC of Page scanning and Monitoring systemIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-08-202023-01-192023-02-10View
GEM/2022/B/2278497SITC of 11 KV VCB PDB at 33 KV MRS in place of existing 11KV OCB PDB on turnkey basisIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-192023-02-13View
CPWD/WS/C/956Civil repair works at workmen & staff lavatory block of Workshop section, ISPIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-192023-02-10View
CPWD/WS/C/952CIVIL REPAIR WORKS IN 700 TR AC PLANT, ISP FACTORYIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-042023-02-10View
CPWD/WS/C/952CIVIL REPAIR WORKS IN 700 TR AC PLANT, ISP FACTORYIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-000000-00-002023-02-10View
GEM/2022/B/2510342HIRING OF HYDRAULIC TRACTORIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-09-122023-02-072023-02-09View
GEM/2022/B/2841050 dated 16.12.2022Job work for repairing of defects over roofIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-12-162023-01-302023-01-31View
GEM/2022/B/2733283 Dated 15.11.2022Hiring of advertising agency for publication of tender notices in leading National and Local Newspapaer for the period of one yearIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-152023-01-192023-01-31View
GEM/2022/B/2731495Procurement of Linear Motion Bearings and Rod for machineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-172023-01-212023-01-31View
6000017376/133/SY-15-13(261)/2019 dated 30.03.2022S.I.T.C. & Training of State-of-the-art fully automatic & integrated e-Passport (e-MRTD) Booklet Manufacturing System, capable to manufacture e-Passport (e-MRTD) Booklets as per ICAO Standard Doc.1903 of e-MRTD, Qty.: One (01) No.India Security Press, Nashik2022-03-302023-01-092023-01-31View
GEM/2022/B/2598681Procurement of Various Types of Shrink FilmsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-08-262023-01-252023-01-27View
GEM/2022/B/2598681Automatic Offline Strapping MachineIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-012023-01-252023-01-27View
66000017962/SY-15-13(23)/2022Hiring of Services for Repair of Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD)India Security Press, Nashik2022-12-102023-01-102023-01-27View
6000017862/SY-15-13(19)/2022SPurchase of Safety Door RelayIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-12-102023-01-162023-01-27View
6000017862/SY-15-13(19)/2022Spares for Machines in E-ULP Passport Manufacturing SystemIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-062023-01-27View
6000017968/SY-15-13(26)/2022Purchase of Markem Imaje Make Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label PrintingIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-042023-01-06View
GEM/2022/B/2582983 Dated: 01-10-2022Polypropylene Strapping StripsIndia Security Press, Nashik0000-00-002023-01-042023-01-05View
GEM/2022/B/2582983 Dated: 01-10-2022Polypropylene Strapping StripsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-10-012023-01-042023-01-05View
6000017884/SY-15-13(21)/2022Hiring of Consultancy for ISP, Nashik for obtaining NABL Accreditation for Paper Testing Laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017India Security Press, Nashik2022-11-182023-01-042023-01-05View
GEM/2022/B/2741940 dated 18.11.2022Procurement of BearingsIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-182023-01-052023-01-05View
GEM/2022/B/2728148 dated 24.11.2022Procurement of NAS Device 8TBIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-232023-01-052023-01-05View
6000017906/PAC/SY-15-23(04)/2022 dated 12.11.2022Procurement of Synthetic Oil for AC PlantIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-12-112023-05-012023-05-01View
GEM/2022/B/2709213 Dated: 09-11-2022Procurement of Cow MilkIndia Security Press, Nashik2022-11-092022-12-282023-01-03View

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